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And again, Coach Salem was obviously the lead recruiter on Kaymar in New Jersey because he dominates that area. Hey, how well do they catch the ball; they might look good, run well, but they can't catch; then they'd probably stay at defensive end. So we're going to spread those big athletes out and give us a chance to get the best players on the field. Did the possibility of those guys being able to do that change your approach in January as far as recruiting tight ends? We just wanted to get the best big athletes we could, and that's what we've arrived at. With Mychale, when you talk about him filling a need for you guys, did you look him more as you wanted someone that good to fill that need?And then the last one, Coach Powell, our running back coach, was on Mychale Salahuddin, our new tailback that decided here, I guess, about noon, from H. Is that something you wanted more this year or looking long-term?Kent State grad, that's that offensive tackle transfer that we were talking about. I think if you can play against them, you can play against anybody. I think he instantly brings not only his experience but brings leadership qualities of an older guy. He's already warned me, Coach, I like to go to the end of the whistle, and I like to talk a little bit, too, so he's kind of got a little nasty streak in him, so we're fired up that Stefano and his family decided to come here.

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So we were able to sign five, I think, unbelievable athletes.

Really when you look at our focus, maybe the next press conference I'll kind of say, hey, how many guys did we visit and how many did we get, but I'm guessing we hit probably on 80 to 85 percent, which is unbelievable.

The University of Pittsburgh Regional Biocontainment Laboratory is one of the NIAID-supported Biocontainment Laboratories.

The Lab is a unique facility designed to support the research community and national biodefense network by providing state-of-the-art Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) and Animal Biosafety Level 3 (ABSL-3) laboratories, including dedicated facilities for aerobiology, imaging, and immunopathology The RBL is located within the Center for Vaccine Research (CVR).

So he plays out there, and that's kind of the relationship, and again, Coach Salem did a heck of a job on him. Woodson is putting out some great players and great character kids, so we're happy to have Mychale with us, as well. What we normally do, and again, we may be able to do it in a mini-camp this year a little bit.

Going back to Stefano real quick, Coach really went on the road and did a heck of a job, really sealed the deal on Stefano. What sold us on him is not only his character, his mom and grandma, is that also a teammate we had the year before, and the quality of person he's been in the year he's been here so far and not only academically but athletically. That's a long story, but yeah, we'll find out when they come into camp really what they can do, and we'll go through some big skill drills. We would have liked to have gotten one pure tight end, but again, didn't want to settle for the guys that -- well, that guy, he just doesn't have this or have that.

The relationship with him and his family go back a long way, and that's where the trust really started. You mentioned Baldonado could play defense or tight end?

His brother, even though it's a different last name, they rotate the last name, his brother Shilique Calhoun was a defensive end for me at Michigan State, now is with the Los Angeles Raiders or Oakland or whoever they are now, the Oakland Raiders, I guess. Our coaches did a wonderful job at locking those guys up, and again, recruiting them like we do, the real way. Do you look at that possibility -- PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, they all can -- you know how we are. [Baldonado] no doubt about it can do it, big athlete.

PAT NARDUZZI: Well thanks for coming out in the beautiful weather today.

Spring ball is right around the corner, as you guys know.

So that was even more what we were able to do in January is really get more people in there because you didn't have to spread yourself so thin. And then we took two more big athletes that I don't think you can ever go wrong taking big, athletic guys, and we took two of those.

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