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A 'Continuous' pass looks very similar, but without the 'flexi days' boxes. The Inter Rail train travel report: You simply need to fill this out each time you board a train.

You send it back after your trip (free postage) and it's used for market research purposes.

If you forget to fill it in, most conductors will simply wait while you get your pen out (if they even bother asking to see it in the first place), but in theory there could be a 'fine' so remember to fill it in before (or as soon as) you board.

You can ask for more pages at any main station if you run out of space.

Unless otherwise shown, a supplement always includes the cost of the seat reservation.

This list of trains which carry supplements is not exhaustive, there may be other trains that carry a supplement, but it will give you a good idea.

As you can see, the overall validity period is 10 days, from 17/11 to 26/11, and there are 5 spaces marked 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Simply write the date in one of those spaces each time you want to 'spend' a pass day.Swiss Travel Pass: 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 days unlimited travel in Switzerland within 1 month.Swiss passes cover one or two more very minor private operators than Inter Rail does, plus things like postbuses and some boats. Using sleepers & couchettes on overnight trains How to make reservations How to buy an Inter Rail pass How to find more information about Inter Rail Other useful railpasses - Swiss, Spain, Germany Train travel in Europe general information Hotels, hostels & accommodation in Europe Country-by-country guide - which trains does Inter Rail cover in each country, which trains need a reservation & how much does that cost? When do you need reservations or have to pay extra?Inter Rail passes date back to 1972, when the national railways of Europe clubbed together to offer a rail pass for young people giving unlimited train travel across the Continent.

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