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Although there is scope to learn more about cultural aspects of dignity we know a good deal about dignity in care in general terms.

We argue that what is required is to provide sufficient support and education to help nurses understand dignity and adequate resources to operationalise dignity in their everyday practice.

To this end we critically examine three key questions relating to dignity: What does it mean? How should it be operationalised in relation to the care of older people?


Social scientists collect, reflect on and derive themes, meanings and theories from empirical data from, for example, interviews and observation.

These accounts are likely to be rich with emotion, experience and lived values.

and treatment noncompliance as criteria for malingering because those who malinger often are highly cooperative and voluntarily seek treatment, though they do become uncooperative under more direct questioning.

Dignity has become a central concern in UK health policy in relation to older and vulnerable people.

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The relationship between these disciplines and between theoretical and empirical perspectives on dignity is not straightforward and may most helpfully be viewed as a dialectical process, a conversation in which theory informs and generates empirical work and empirical work informs and challenges theory.

In relation to dignity, a concept discussed and applied in relation to the everyday complexities of nursing practice, such a dialectic is necessary.

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