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Please make sure that you have your candidate number to hand, because you will need this to complete the process.

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Most of the training is practical, there is a small amount of radio and electronics theory but only enough for you to appreciate things like using the correct fuses in your equipment and how to build an antenna to get the most out of your radio station.

Your course will take 10 to 12 hours to complete, and can be spread out over a few weeks or weekends.

The 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz bands are the bands where contests can be found.

The 10, 18 and 24MHz bands, also known as the WARC bands, are kept free of contest activity by international agreement, which now also includes the 5MHz band.

A few simple rules need to be observed to maintain professional standards of operating on our bands.

All members are encouraged to review and follow the code when operating in pile-ups on the bands.

The society produces four publications for members.

We also publish and regularly update a highly regarded series of books.

This takes at least six days working days from the of receipt of your exam paper at HQ.

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