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'Six million', whether rightly or wrongly, was the figure usually put forward as the Jewish population of Russia from around 1890 onwards. newspaper coverage of the Soviet famines of 1921-1922, and 1932-1933, which were generally ignored, and in some cases, outright denied. "The Germans killed 6,000,000 Jews during the war, said Mr. It was planned to erect a monument at the summit of Mt. It would bear the names of all 6,000,000," The Evening Post (Wellington, NZ), September 6, 1945, page 7.

Even Stalin wrote in 1913: "Of the five or six million Russian Jews, only three to four per cent are connected with agriculture in any way." As the Czarist regime held an unfavourable opinion of Jews, reproducing articles claiming six million Russian Jews are being done-in, would likely be dismissed as merely containing the estimated number of the Jewish population, whilst ignoring the clearly exaggerated claims of Jewish suffering. The overwhelming majority of the articles in this book were rediscovered by myself, and many are reproduced here for the very first time. L lltziim*** &i Ty •u\ar,mi Todtj 61000,000 Jews Are Facbf tho Dtvk Mt Day* Ever Known io the Loaf HUtorr of the Race 1J3P-. .■ h M-.p- 1 « I -J ri"a i - -irilni r.«x I* rra Ji ■ . No.222, September 1945 Hadassah President Sends Greetings # THE JEWISH New Year, 5706, opens in a world once more at peace.

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Hundreds of newspaper articles, photographs, and whole pages of books, are reproduced in this publication without the holders of their copyright even being asked whether they could be used. '.:' u K u , ■] h i*' 1 1 % ap \y- ■ i s ' : ria L'j i j t -iy.:."X.. EJiuhu Dufakln, uvud ul the Jswtoh *tj*w Jy*a immi- ;4r*ttiiin Depart nvr Pii Le Htine Thr uiii'j K; pliuid to vnd lie group* of six men each to help Jews in German camps.

I have spent over a period of almost a year-and-a-half, I'd estimate, over £500.00 pounds collecting the articles reproduced in this book, predominantly from online archives which charge for access. Military authen- tic havp already am H Ui thka It In planned to Greet m. including Aoldiem, parti- smi» and ghetto fljfhtrm.

They all add up to prove, that Zionists had been predicting the downfall of precisely six million Jews for decades before Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Hie war, with all its horror and destruction, bloodshed and terror, is over at last Follow- ing the official ending oi hostilities and the tumuli of victory cele- brations, our first feelings of re- lief and thankfulness were too deep far words, too profound to find expression in any ordinary terms, But now we are deeply aware that our feelings must translate themselves into practical measures.

No.1, June 1900 ZIONISTS' MASS MEETING Leaders in the Movement Arouse Enthusiasm at Cooper Union. We must now turn at once to the tremendous tastes of peace. The vision oi a new world with justice and freedom for all rises before us, and it is our task, the task of all freedom-loving people throughout the world, to keep that vision bright and unobscured.

This undeniable obsession was first hinted at by the rediscovered in 1995 of an article published in New York in 1919 (no. All Jewish cultural docu- ments and religious objects left in Central and Eastern Europe would be collected in Patestinc.

63 in the list in this book), and this Zionist obsession was undeniably proven in Don Heddesheimer's superb book The First Holocaust, originally published in 2003. Two German women S3 guards who were captured today admitted that at the notorious Ravensbruek concentra- tion, 'camp, near Berlin, women were sheared like sheep to supply hair far the German war industry, They ad- mitted thai 200,000 women end ehild- ren H mostly Jewesses, were killed at Ravcnsbruck.

A PLEA FOR HUMAN JUSTICE Israel's Great Gift to Mankind Recalled —Dreyfus ana* European Persecution Mentioned in Convention. ■j imtnirr iinm f *TU •« jr^-i- SPECIAL PRIZE n I ni l-: How Much Is a Child Worth? As we take steps to rebuild a shattered world, to bind up and heal the wounds of these long years of slaughter, it musfl be our constant- aim— our indivisable pur- pose—to build a true and lasting pea^^a peace wherein all man- kind can find a free and happy life because the only real peace will be that peace which means freedom for all human beings to live their lives without fear* Only such a peace will bring healing to a war-ravaged world, restore sta- bility and re-establish faith and confidence in the future.

A mass meeting under the auspices of the Federation of American Zionists was helft at Cooper TJn Con last night The hall was crowded, many representative men be- in e present, as well buh tho Ee who^e appear- ance told of dr tides vy In the east side sweat shops r There -were many women and firlrig in the aud Lcace, and little sober-faced lads, whose i L^es could not have been over ten years, lolloped with attention, the re- marks of the speakers* applaud ins at times with enthusiasm. AU4PJL1H p Spi -V r, «pn M 1 ■-jmv, i-ir L AP Et4h#PL PH-r— ■— — - .^ii.^iirti SEf - -,-Appp i. Tr'ith *20IJ vw curt auvc «ni child r a Ikic Lw *H. Frjr |^E itf ' Almcat a million innotont childrcti robbed of thojt- birt Jirial^l Ti Stir childhood- lb awry, Cv*r aince their prattling hahy days they have known etity war. uttet stf ansec For yeata tho Miaxida of Uwtit have ^r»nde.«d, refugees from contending at mlei. Famous Wash Heab Stdu UPl HJUUuh VMJ-k V h AILMAIk Li Lipr^; J - "i;; ! And ne- ver was faith so greatly needed as today when we stand awed and even bewildered at the dawn of a new era— the era of atomic en- ergy, fearsome of what this may wjonm to mankind* We have mdeed much to think on as we enter this new year of 5706. The Jew- ish people, who fought so valiant- ly and suffered so bitterly in the great fight for freedom and dem- ocracy— will be in the vanguard of the builders of peace.

An article which fills a column 2 inches x 28 inches, i.e. The agency plans to send six groups of six men each to help Jews in German camps. It is planned to erect a monument on the summit of Mount Scopus to commemorate the Jews who died.

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