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Web technologies can use XML to send data between the Web server and the client's Web browser.

Database servers can return the data from queries in XML for further processing by other applications.

XMLConfiguration config = Configuration(); flag to true so both do not need to be set.

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XMLConfiguration config = Configuration(); in such a case.

The task of such an entity resolver is to point the XML parser to the location of the file referred to by the declaration.

In addition, because it only works with the public id it cannot support XML documents using an XML Schema.

XML Entity and URI Resolvers describes using a set of catalog files to resolve enitities.

Because it is such a flexible format, XML can be used in a vast variety of scenarios.

Usage scenarios can be generally divided into two categories: The focus of Xml Lite is on performance.

Validation via XSD schemas or DTDs is not supported.

If you require validation, it is recommended that you use either MSXML or System. If you read a document that refers to an external XSD schema, the Xml Lite reader ignores the external schema.

Xml Lite works with various versions of the Microsoft C compiler, but the samples in the documentation have been validated only with the latest version of Visual Studio.

This topic provides an overview of Xml Lite and some guidelines for which XML parser to use in various scenarios.

Then the instance is passed to the configuation builder's initialization parameters.

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