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For a woman the tummy butterflies occur but basically the same effect!

The last thing you need is going out in your local vicinity and bumping into your brother/sister in law or close friend of the family and embarrassingly have to come up with some lame excuse.

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The rule here is “Sudden changes alerts suspicions”.

Know the boundaries Just as with any personal contact, know the relationship boundaries. Stick to the boundaries You know the boundaries you have set up with your lover, but due to the excitement or the renewed feeling of lost emotions you, or your lover wants more.

The rule here is obvious to quote an adage “don’t dirty on your own doorstep”.

Out of character As part of the excitement and the irrational thought processes.

If you use shared equipment like computers, ensure you don’t use auto-logins and browser histories.

It’s amazing how easy it is to arouse your partner’s curiosity and get them suspicious. All too often your partner may ask can I borrow your computer I need to do Internet shopping and suddenly she auto-logs in to MSN with five other women!In order to keep everyone happy including ourselves there are a few simple rules we can follow to minimise the risk.Not too close to home All too easy when the excitement of a lover is on the horizon. On the male side the lower brain kicks in and the concept of rational thought is lost.Illicit Encounters The UK's Largest Married Dating Site. Keywords: illicit,illicit encounters,encounter,encounters,extramarital,extra-marital,affair, infidelity,married dating,adult dating,illicit dating,as seen on GMTV,affairs,married women,cheating,dating,extramarital affairs,secret encounters,cheating wives,adult encounter...A discreet and confidential extra marital affairs dating service for women and men... Like anything in life if we manage the risk then generally we are more successful with things.

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