Tribal wars auto updating maps

ODS: ODS data is now available, including support mode.

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Rudamentary touch support: Touch devices such as smartphones or tablets should be able to interact with the tool now.

Canvas: The tool now uses canvas as primary rendering method, which should provide a smoother experience.

Auto player highlight: Now also displays while hovering over names of villages and players.

Messages panel: The layout of the messages panel ahs been changed.

Continent player and tribe point stats: Displays the players and tribes points in a continent, the percentage those points represent and their points ranking in their continent.

Filter presets: Configure multiple filter presets and quickly change between them.

Full screen: The map automatically fills your entire screen, replacing the map size setting.

Scroll wheel zooming: Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

Travel Times in tooltips: Use "Set start" and the tooltip will display the Travel Times in the tooltip.

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