Tribal wars auto updating maps

Auto player highlight: Now also displays while hovering over names of villages and players.

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Travel Times: Panel does not open automatically anymore when setting a start/destination. Zoom system: 6 zoom modes; 3 icon only zooms (10%, 8% and 6%) which are like a full screen minimap and 3 full zooms (100%, 50% and 25%).

These replace the icon size option and Minimap map overlay feature.

Users with old browsers can keep using version 3.04.

Minimap screenshot: Minimap link feature has been replaced by minimap screenshot, old minimap links will continue to work as before.

However, it is still advised to use the built in zoom and larger font functionality instead. World Map: Generate world maps at different icon sizes with all the features of the map.

Map screenshot: Take a screenshot of your map or minimap that you can share.

Rudamentary touch support: Touch devices such as smartphones or tablets should be able to interact with the tool now.

Canvas: The tool now uses canvas as primary rendering method, which should provide a smoother experience.

Filter options: You can now filter by marker status, maximum distance from start, minimum/maximum time since point/ODA/ODD increase and minimum/maximum tribe points.

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