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The rules are: Therefore, in a particular tree, the nodes and details valid for that tree must have an effective date on the user data record earlier or the same as the effective date on the tree.

The following table presents an example of an effective-dated tree with a user table that has three effective-dated records for the same item.

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Many people think that the Science of Tree Rings web site is supported completely by my university. I do all the web page information searching, coding, and designing at home in my home office in my free time, which likely amounts so far to thousands of hours of personal time. In fact, if you buy anything after linking to Amazon through my stores, I still receive a small percentage.

I paid for the Microsoft Expression Web Pro and Dreamweaver CS5 software, my Macbook Pro laptop (also running Windows 7 via VMware), my Dropbox Pro account, high-speed Internet and home wireless, wireless printer, and all the "hidden" overhead (paper, cartridges, electricity), even the extra server space needed for the many files! I'd like to keep these tree-ring web pages online for another 20 years! First, click on the "A to Z Index" button to the upper left for a comprehensive list of items available from these pages.

You won't find the fancy Flash-driven pages here anymore — I want these pages to be readable, enjoyable, and (most of all) educational for all, especially those with learning and physical disabilities.

My goal is to make available as much information about dendrochronology as I can possibly find on the Internet, from the basics of tree-ring dating, to reference and bibliographic information, to products and supplies, to books, and more!

When the user record has an effective date as a part of the record’s key, then that effective date determines the criteria used for details and nodes available for use in the tree. Effective dates on trees show planned changes in the hierarchy the tree represents.

For example, in the HR Department tree, you want to add a new Hardware department effective 09/01/2001.

People Soft trees are a hierarchical structure made up of the tree’s definition along with the nodes and details (leaves) that form the parent-child relationships in the tree.

The nodes and details are tied in to a user record as defined in the tree structure.

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