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We hung around just to see the commercial breaks, and many Saturday night dates ended in the living room in the company of Dr. Dingbat was the creation of then-WTVC Artist Dan East. The two left an indelible mark on Chattanooga television and the cry of Dingbat's "FLASH, FLASH, FLASH! will never fade from the memories of many long-time WTVC viewers. Beverly Powers) arrive at Blood Island at the most inopportune time.

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It is the first real signbut will by no means be the lastthat radiation may have affected this island.

With the sun setting, the Hendersons return to the village with their find, and stumble onto a sight nearly as puzzling as the mutant crab.

The dinner invitation is accepted but, despite Carla's suggestion that they really, really should spend the night at the estate..Powers..real beds, they head back to the village afterward.

On their way back to the village, they again run into the tribal processionwith a slight difference.

Also knew Dan East and the infamous Horrible Holiday Hills Hargis! She attended Central High School and, at the time, lived on Vincent Road with her mother who was straight from Germany and her sister.

She worked for me at the costume company off and on and then some for my Dad, George Eaves, at Eaves Formal Wear.

Last I knew of Patricia, she was in or around Nashville. He carried a cane with a white full-size skull on top. WTVC artist Dan East created Dingbat in his evil laboratory.

I think I loved the show as much from a fan perspective as from the honor it was to work with such incredible talent. Dingbat was about 2 feet tall, had big ears, wings, fangs, long hair, blue jeans with cuffs and those scary saddle oxfords.

Their arrival is an auspicious one, as the natives who appear to be coming to greet them are actually a burial-at-sea party.

The people they are burying are two of their women, both literally torn to pieces in what the tribe elder, Arcadio (Andrs Centenera), will only, mysteriously, call an "accident."That afternoon, while the Hendersons are in the jungle Paul looking for samples, and Carla attempting to patch up what remains of their marriage Carla finds a land crab, but one which appears to have mutated.

New arrivals to the island include scientists Kent Taylor and John Ashley, along with the alluring Beverly Hills, but their jungle search for mutated life forms is interrupted by attacks from living vegetation and terrifying beasts!

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