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Most of us are concerned about privacy online and do not want our sensitive, personal information to be seen by the rest of the world.

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– If you join any herpes groups on social media (such as Meetup, Facebook, Yahoo, or other community sites), do NOT accept friend requests from anyone you haven’t already met, except for group admins/moderators.

While most people who join herpes groups are nice, normal people, there are always a few folks out there who are trolling for dates/sex, or who send you a message recommending a herpes site, group, product or dating service for which they may receive a commission or have another motive for getting you to join.

********** National Herpes Hotline: (919) 361-8488 (Note: This is now a PAID service.) Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255 National HELP is a *secret* Facebook herpes support group for herpes-related topics only.

This hidden, private, confidential group has thousands of members and is moderated by experienced Herpes Support Group Leaders from all over the USA.

Because this Facebook group is *secret* – it is hidden and cannot be found by doing a search on Facebook. All group activity for National HELP is completely private and will NEVER appear on your public Facebook profile and cannot be found or seen by anyone except other members.

Please carefully follow the below directions to be added to this group.

Perhaps - Read More Sometimes, Herpes symptoms dates can impact which TN Herpes dating websites you end up choosing.

You should take all factors into your determination when researching the single herpes in TN.

– AFTER you are already logged in to Facebook, find Jo Ann Purkey of Kaiserslautern High School or go to https:// (she OK’d this link).

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