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As was detailed upthread, they get insanely jealous when a female friend gets a boyfriend or fiance, and become pretty unhinged...but never can explain why, or why they hate the guy so much."R31, having a lot of sex with guys pretty much means nobody's mistaking you for gay. When I first met her, she even had a long term boyfriend, although of course that didn't last. She had met her boyfriend during college, had been together for a few years, but she ended up cheating on him with her female best friend.

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You will NEVER hear a tale about a gay male making himself look less attractive to get women to leave him alone.

First of all, men are bigger, stronger, and MUCH more sexually aggressive than women. I wanted NO attention from males, and making myself as unattractive as possible worked for me.

It's not about rejecting femininity at all, it's about trying to blend into the background because you just don't feel worthy of attention from anyone, romantic or platonic. Of course, other people have their own reasons including things like gender politics, etc.

R61, I don't know if you're a man or a woman, but the first thing you have to appreciate is how different the male experience of burgeoning sexuality is from a female's.

she also did her Ph D about gays and lesbians and their role in church.

She now adopted two kids and moved to another church. I don't know if the rest of the church also wondered about her sexuality. I am 40 and not married and straight Why would buy the pig when all I need is the sausage?

I was with someone who was deeply closeted --was with her for two years.

wouldn't come out to family although they all knew and were beside themselves because she wouldn't admit to anything. Plenty of women---and men, too R64, I guess I wasn't only talking about clothes.

The girl I know who overcompensates wears the same thing virtually everyday.

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