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When you position the loaded text icon over a text frame, parentheses enclose the icon To flow text in frames, In Design detects horizontal or vertical type.

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When you delete a text frame that is part of a thread, no text is deleted: it is overset or it flows into the next frame in succession.

If the text frame isn’t connected to any other frame, the frame and text are deleted.

By holding down a modifier key, you can determine how the text is flowed.

The loaded text icon changes appearance, depending on where it is placed.

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If you start to thread two frames and change your mind, you can cancel the thread by clicking any tool in the Toolbox. When you thread a frame grid to a plain text frame or to another frame grid with different grid settings, the text frame of the threaded frame is redefined to match the settings of the frame grid threaded from When you unthread a text frame, you break the connection between the frame and all subsequent frames in the thread.

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