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Yet in violation of their own policies and regulations, they supported players kneeling during the national anthem for nothing more than a political agenda.

I always viewed your company as one of the premier rental companies, until you showed your true colors.

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In 1925, Hertz sold an interest in the company to General Motors. General Motors opened the first car rental credit card in 1926 and the first airport car rental counter in 1932 at Chicago’s Midway airport.

In 1953, Jacobs purchased the company back from GM and took the company public on the NYSE. In 1987, Hertz was sold to the Ford Motor Company subsidiary Park Ridge Corporation.

Your actions could happen to the many organizations I do belong too; because you are pressured by different thoughts.

Be advised my family and I will no longer fly Delta. Frissora: Be advised I will NEVER use your services again because of your grandiose stupidity in rejecting the NRA. decides to discontinue association with NRA members?

Hopefully every law abiding citizen cuts ties with you. Reply As a Hertz Gold member I’m writing, like many others, about my disappointment in Hertz and the recent decision to stop doing business with the NRA.

Although I’m not a member of that fine organization I am a gun owner.

In 2010, Hertz acquired British Car Auctions and in 2012, acquired rival Dollar-Thrifty Automotive Group.

In 2013, the company partnered with China’s largest rental company, China Auto Rental.

The Hertz Corporation was founded in 1918 by Walter L. He started the business in Chicago, IL with 12 Ford Model T cars.

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