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The 56-year-old groomed underage girls, engaging in sexual conversations and suggesting his experience would help build their confidence.

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The Teen Spaces Guidelines Taskforce wishes to thank the library community for their contributions to this document. “Libraries and Museums Become Hands-On Learning Labs.” KQED Mind/Shift.

It is intended that the National Teen Space Guidelines will be reviewed for revisions every five years.

It became very clear, very quickly, that many of the men were much older and that they were there to engage youngsters in sexual conversation. “Sim” was swift in his sexual advances and asked 13-year-old Amy if she had any sexy photos. We said she lived with her divorced mother, who was often out at work.

It was clear she was vulnerable, which only added to his enthusiasm. This is when we realised we needed the help of a real teenager.

If we hadn’t, he said, he was sure he would have abused a real teenager.

Download the print version of the Teen Space Guidelines (PDF). “Ypulse Interview: Kim Bolan Cullin: ‘Teen Spaces.’” Accessed May 31, 2012.

The Teen Spot collection reflects the broad variety of available formats for material of interest to teenagers.

It includes a large selection of fiction and nonfiction, biographies, books on CD, manga, graphic novels and anime DVDs.

Teens, their parents, caregivers and teachers are assisted by the professionally trained staff in finding the reference, educational, and recreational material of interest to them.

Staff members help teachers assemble classroom collections and do research on teen literature topics.

From its new home on the second floor of the North Building, the Teen Spot offers a wide range of services for teen customers.

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