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On camera Sim performed a sex act and asked her to do the same. Yet it was shocking to think this adult had gained a digital window into a child’s bedroom.He could see her and manipulate her without her parents knowing a thing. Amy and I waited with two hidden cameramen at the meeting point in west London.

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At this meeting, the taskforce solicited feedback on the draft The feedback was carefully considered by the Taskforce; additions and revisions have been made accordingly.

This draft document was approved for dissemination via a call for public comments period on Oct. After the public comment period closed, the taskforce reviewed the feedback received and refined the draft guidelines as appropriate.

In January 2008, the Teen Spot opened at the Main Library.

Created as a result of the 2007 reorganization of the Main Library, this new department was designed to exclusively support the needs and interests of teenagers.

YALSA’s Board of Directors adopted the guidelines on May 24, 2012.

In order to finalize the guidelines, the taskforce presented a draft document to YALSA’S Board of Directors in June 2011.

If we hadn’t, he said, he was sure he would have abused a real teenager.

Download the print version of the Teen Space Guidelines (PDF). “Ypulse Interview: Kim Bolan Cullin: ‘Teen Spaces.’” Accessed May 31, 2012.

We set up a profile called Amy in the chat room Teenspot.

We wondered whether anyone would even approach our fictitious girl but within five minutes Amy was bombarded with male attention. A man from Manchester suggested a rendezvous in a hotel room, a guy from London invited Amy to his home, an Italian man wanted to meet in Hyde Park.

After chatting to him on the phone Amy agreed to meet up. He ensured Amy was sworn to secrecy and that her mother would be out for the afternoon. With his address, we matched a name to the face we’d seen on the webcam and soon discovered his profession, a youth consultant to the National Youth Agency. He walked out of the Tube station, approached Amy and kissed her on the head but as he turned to walk off with her he found himself blocked by me.

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