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The Gotchi Figures all have different faceplates and a Figure that only has one game.

The matchmaker will show up and present you with a partner that you can marry. You must add or subtract to the last number (don't start from zero.) If you pass three times in a row, you go to the next level and then you start off from zero.

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Use either the A Button, B Button, or C Button to jump. After the character does its pose, your tama will do a series of poses. You will be offered a job as soon as you graduate from school.

Press any button to stop your tama in the same position as the other character. Match the shapes before they get to the bottom of the screen.

Scroll through the numbers using the A Button to go up a number and the C Button to go down a number. If you get it right, toddlers will continue to come on or go off the bus.

Be aware that the items change order, so pay attention! Then you will be asked how many toddlers are on the bus.

The three original designs are: The packaging depicts the character's personality and favorite quote, and has a liftable flap which reveals a CD (Second wave only) and more information about the toy.

Catching the Tamagotchi about to use the bathroom and activating the toilet icon will help to raise a training meter (along with standard discipline and praise).They are mounted to the top of the toy and when activated, they unlock new games and food for the Tamagotchi, and when registered online while a gotchi figure is on top of the toy, special items can be activated and purchased at Tamatown.Each Figure contains two games and a shop or a restaurant which has nine total available items, but only four at a time.The Tamagotchi can now leave their house to visit various places.Some destinations become available as the character ages, while others can only be visited with transit passes purchased at stores (after which the ticket can always be used). There are many Gotchi Figures available for the Tama-Go.The Tama-Go contains a shell similar to the Tamagotchi i D.

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