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The Tamagotchi can now leave their house to visit various places.Some destinations become available as the character ages, while others can only be visited with transit passes purchased at stores (after which the ticket can always be used). There are many Gotchi Figures available for the Tama-Go.A whistle will go off every time the lights change. Before a tama makes a mess, it will go from side to side with little squiggles around it.v4 and v4.5 toddler and teen characters go to school.

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The Tama Town Tama-Go is an international Tamagotchi release which was released in August 2010 in the US and Australia.

It combines elements of the Tamagotchi Plus Color with the Tamagotchi Music Star.

The screen is covered with a plastic casing, which is easily removed.

The decal around the screen can also be removed and replaced with other designs.

The Tama-Go contains a shell similar to the Tamagotchi i D.

The bottom of the toy is flat, and a top portion of the shell can be removed to insert one of the Gotchi Figures.If left alone for a short time, the background can disappear, maintaining the original 2D display from previous versions.The Tama Town Tama-Go is also capable of using infra-red communication and it is sometimes referred to as the Tamagotchi Connection Version 7, but considering that it is not referred to as such on the packaging, it may be classed as a "Modern" Tamagotchi as opposed to a "Connection" Tamagotchi.Use either the A Button, B Button, or C Button to jump. After the character does its pose, your tama will do a series of poses. You will be offered a job as soon as you graduate from school. Press any button to stop your tama in the same position as the other character. Match the shapes before they get to the bottom of the screen. actually i know a cheat that you can use to get to use it more than one day!!! get to marrying age use dating show(if incorrect tamas this is an awesome trick) set time to pm wait until/am changet time to am reuse dating show if still incorrect keep repeating note:it took me thirty(30) times to get the right tama!!!

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