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"I have not released him from custody, and there will be a hearing on Monday.

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The scheme was uncovered when a man who had previously fallen prey to this tactic was invited on a new "date," but instead reported the case to the police.

When the officer arrived at the rendezvous, a teenager attempted to rob him with a knife.

My name is Kelly and my (now husband) Roger and I met on your site.

He lived in Ohio and I lived in NJ, but he was so sweet that I thought, what the heck? We met, fell crazy in love, and were married on June 23, 2011.

The app is most commonly used as a dating or hookup app.

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder and similar apps have triggered a lot of criticism for shifting people's attention to short-term dating and one-night stands and creating a culture of users seeking sex without relationships.

Unlike Vicky, Craig has no problems with posting information about himself online – especially on Expatica.

"Expatica offers confidentiality and that is really important." said Craig.

"I don't want my business associates to do 'Google' me and be able to see what I have posted on my dating profile," he said.

"With online dating, you can pinpoint who you are looking for: a party girl, someone who is religious…

It's great especially if you already know what you want in a partner," says Craig.

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