Symantec endpoint protection clients not updating from server christian dating sites in usa

We have run into scenarios where SEP administrators have configured remote client desktops as GUPs.A few months later it was discovered that these systems have been decommissioned and replaced.

symantec endpoint protection clients not updating from server-78

Things you need to be aware of when using Group Update Providers The most important thing to understand is that GUPs only work with Windows clients.

Linux and OSX clients will not use the GUP functionality at all.

Can all clients be defined as a Group Update Provider?

Recently we had a customer ask if all systems could be GUPs.

If you have an environment where you have a separate Live Update in your environment, the GUPs will not request definitions from this system.

Depending on how clients are chosen to be GUPs, the antivirus team will need to be aware of any system decommissions.This is a scenario where some people could believe that the environment would act in a full peer-to-peer fashion.Since the controls are in place to insure that definitions originate from a SEPM to the GUP this will not occur.In some environments client communication will go over the WAN while Internet traffic will traverse through a cheaper local ISP.In this scenario one serious discussion should be if it is better engineered to have all clients retrieve their definitions directly through the Internet to Symantec’s public Live Update servers.For sites with a very small number of clients, it is unlikely that a GUP would be needed.

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