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I think we should meet halfway in some situations, and sometimes sacrifice something.

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Svetlanas dating kyrgystan

Prepare yourself for over 10,000 stones that depict a total of more than 90,000 individual drawings/carvings, including pictures of hunting scenes, religious ceremonies, wild animals, farming, people, and more.

This site lay dormant and wasn’t really studied in any depth until the 1950s.

This imposing mass of land juts up out of the ground right into the middle of the city.

This destination is extremely popular and one you might well see in your travel brochure of Kyrgyzstan or recommended to you by travel agencies in Kyrgyzstan, and it is well worth visiting.

If you’re interested in seeing all of these sites, you’ll actually manage to see a large portion of Kyrgyzstan.

Two of these sites are more off the beaten path, which certainly adds an extra dimension to your trip, but don’t rule out other historical destinations from your Kyrgyzstan travel brochures.The petroglyph site is loosely enclosed by a fence and visitors are expected to pay a minimal entrance fee (if there’s an attendant present in the small building that serves as the “collection booth,” that is).The sacred mountain of , Kyrgyzstan’s southern capital.To this day, many of the petroglyphs haven’t even been categorized. Sadly, you won’t see Saimaluu Tash listed in any travel reports of Kyrgyzstan that you read and just a few travel agencies in Kyrgyzstan offer tours to this historical treasure.The reason is because Saimaluu Tash is extremely remote and difficult to reach.Even during that month-long sweet spot, it takes about a day on foot or horseback to reach Saimaluu Tash from the nearby village of , a guide preferably in tow to help you navigate the area.

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