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I take a moment to think about each one, wrenching the answers out of me.

People think you’re cynical but actually it’s a protective layer because you care so deeply you feel like you could break (me too). We sheepishly order one each and return to the menu to the attentive waiter.

We watch various dating scenarios “played out” by architectural models on our table. We’re told that the waiter himself was once a hopeful romantic, now on the brink of hopelessness and in the throes of desperation.

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I meet you for the first time seconds before our first date begins. Soon I know about your past activism, about your family, how you feel about water (I feel the same). We’ve eaten every course before the starter was even ordered.

It looks a bit like a table in an old fashioned bistro. We’re given a menu with a choice of two drinks and five topics of conversation. You seem to know all the answers immediately as if you’ve been preparing for this your whole life.

Our dinner at the Parlour Inn’s restaurant just confirmed that.

A ordered a local beer (from a brewery down the street) and I had a mocktail made up.

Part interactive performance, part dating agency, invites genuine applications from individuals looking for love, or existing couples who simply want a very different dating experience.

Come with your own date​,​ or we can find one for you​.​ WARNING: Do not come if you are fundamentally opposed to falling in lov​e.​ IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION!

At every venue the people working there seemed eager to help and show off their Stratford pride.

I knew A and I were in for a romantic weekend when we checked into our super-adorable suite to be greeted by a bottle of wine and 3 cake-pops!

What I remembered was tall green trees, beautiful white swans in the water, and delicious ice cream. When we arrived on Friday afternoon outside The Parlour Inn, our hotel for the weekend, our eyes twinkled. If you place us in a historic place, we will absorb it all, and we could feel this city had something to offer as soon as we drove into the downtown ‘hood.

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