Stratford dating

We had different appetizers and main courses - both of which were delicious.

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Stratford dating

We watch various dating scenarios “played out” by architectural models on our table. We’re told that the waiter himself was once a hopeful romantic, now on the brink of hopelessness and in the throes of desperation.

You opt for the former, I the latter; I start to suspect you might be an actor at this point.

What I remembered was having a magnificent time, eating one of the fanciest meals I’d ever had (especially as a high school student paying for myself) and REALLY enjoying the play.

Our trip was before the festival season, so I was curious to find out what else Stratford had to offer.

Date #976 - Friday, February 3rd, 2017A: We were gifted a romantic weekend in Stratford by Stratford Tourism and Enterprise Car Share, an opportunity we hopped on with glee.

We’d both been to the city before, B as a teen and I as a child.We slowly made our way back to the room and enjoyed a romantic bath in the massive tub (with powered jets) before sinking in to our bed, ready for a day on the Chocolate Trail. If you can't find a ticket online, join the waiting list now.At every venue the people working there seemed eager to help and show off their Stratford pride.I knew A and I were in for a romantic weekend when we checked into our super-adorable suite to be greeted by a bottle of wine and 3 cake-pops!By joining the waiting list, you will maximise your chances of getting a ticket.

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