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It was once part of the Norse Kingdom of Mann and the Isles.Today, life is very different from elsewhere in Scotland, with Sabbath observance, the Gaelic language and peat cutting retaining more importance than elsewhere.

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Honeymooners can splurge on the Executive Beachfront Suite which has a hammock on the balcony and a separate living area.

Dining options include restaurants, lounges and bars with views of the gardens and the beach.

The hotel has six individually furnished guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and antique baths, a great romantic getaway idea.

Rolands room features an antique mahogany enclosed bath and the Grans Sitter room offers beautiful views of the gardens.

The earliest archaeological remains date from about 5,000 years ago.

At that time, people began to settle in permanent farms rather than following their herds.

You'll be inspired to unwind and rejuvenate surrounded by mountain lakes and scenic views from the hiking trails.

The menu incorporates local island ingredients and changes seasonally.

The small houses of these people have been found throughout the Western Isles; in particular, at Dail Mhor, Carloway.

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