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In private companies, employees must be able to vote their allocated shares on major issues, such as closing or relocating, but the company can choose whether to pass through voting rights (such as for the board of directors) on other issues.

In public companies, employees must be able to vote all issues.

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However, Ms Ellison instead got Sandini to transfer those shares to a company controlled by her.

This busted rollover relief to Mr Ellison unless it could be considered that the beneficial ownership of those shares had already been transferred to her because of the consent orders.

The law does not allow ESOPs to be used in partnerships and most professional corporations.

ESOPs can be used in S corporations, but do not qualify for the rollover treatment discussed above and have lower contribution limits.

Employee ownership can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Employees can buy stock directly, be given it as a bonus, can receive stock options, or obtain stock through a profit sharing plan. Gleason JA noted that Mc Gillivray “determined that operational control is insufficient to constitute control under subsection 256(5.1) … corporation (Seawind) and its controlling shareholder (Mr Silva), so that it did not qualify for refundable SR&ED investment tax credits.Finally, ESOPs will improve corporate performance only if combined with opportunities for employees to participate in decisions affecting their work. A Canadian corporation (ADC), which had issued voting common shares (representing voting control) for a modest amount to three Canadian employees, was found to be subject to the de facto control (as defined in s. [and] that, instead, there must be some legally-enforceable arrangement or arrangements that give rise to such control.” Such control under a legal agreement was found to be present in a cost-plus development agreement with Seawind for work on a particular development project that was the sole source of revenue of ADC and accorded a lot of levers to Seawind. 256(5.1) for a supply agreement between the mooted CCPC and a person with whom it deals at arm’s length.Some employees become owners through worker cooperatives where everyone has an equal vote. Almost unknown until 1974, ESOPs are now widespread; as of the most recent data, 6,717 plans exist, covering 14.1 million employees. Contrary to the impression one can get from media accounts, ESOPs are almost never used to save troubled companies—only at most a handful of such plans are set up each year.

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