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It only complicates things when you don’t know which girls on campus are into girls – there’s no secret code, after all.

Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of available cuties around. It might seem awkward to rekindle things with girls you’ve already ended it with or to chat with an acquaintance from two years ago, but look at it this way: You get to skip the small talk.

After all, sharing a bathroom gets people pretty comfortable with one another!

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Grab a bite to eat and see where reminiscing leads.

You guys have talked and joked, but you were never quite sure if she was really into girls (and maybe she wasn’t sure if you were either).

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And yes, sometimes you cringe when you think about the people you met there whom you thought would be your BFFs but now you just awkwardly avoid in the hallways.

But it wasn’t all bad – maybe it’s time to reconnect with the girl you were flirting with before college life made you way too busy.

Maybe you were too busy for a real relationship, or maybe you were just more interested in hooking up than dating, but last year, it was totally great to have FWB situation.

Now, you’re looking to settle down, and you find yourself missing last year’s girl.

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