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There are also women who get excited by the idea of being a man, and by having sex as a man. Trans-philosopher Julia Serano has suggested the term female/feminine or male/masculine embodiement fantasies.

Not all crossdreamers are transsexual, but some of them suffer from gender dysphoria (distress caused by a mismatch between gender identity on the one hand and biological sex and/or social role on the other).

Even Blanchard's own research shows that there are "homosexual transsexuals" (that is trans women who are attracted to men) who experience "autogynephilic fantasies.

And the only way Blanchard can dismiss the existence of "aotugynephiliacs" who do not crossdream, is by dismissing all of them as liars.

They invariably have a history of sexual arousal with crossdressing or cross-gender fantasy.

Most Mt F transsexuals who undergo sex reassignment in the United States and the United Kingdom now appear to fit this pattern." Autogynephilia falsified The autogynephilia theory has been falsified, not only by trans activists, but also by researchers.

The only trans women who were accepted as "real" women (if they were accepted at all) were therefore those that could say that they had never had such erotic fantasies.

Those who had were dismissed as "transvestic fetishists" (sexual deviants). Ray Blanchard of Toronto, Canada, is part of this tradition.

"Autogynephilia defines a transsexual typology and provides a theory of transsexual motivation, in that Blanchard proposed that Mt F transsexuals are either sexually attracted exclusively to men (homosexual) or are sexually attracted primarily to the thought or image of themselves as female (autogynephilic), and that autogynephilic transsexuals seek sex reassignment to actualize their autogynephilic desires.""One category of Mt F [male to female] transsexualism includes persons who were overtly feminine as children, who are very feminine as adults, and who are exclusively sexually attracted to men; these individuals are usually referred to as homosexual Mt F transsexuals."The other category of Mt F transsexualism includes persons who were not overtly feminine during childhood, who are not remarkably feminine as adults, and who are not exclusively sexually attracted to men, but who may be sexually attracted to women, to women and men, or to neither sex; these individuals are usually referred to as nonhomosexual Mt F transsexuals."Most of the increase in Mt F transsexualism can be accounted for by men who would have been considered atypical—and probably inappropriate—candidates for sex reassignment only a few decades earlier.

These men are usually unremarkably masculine in their appearance and behavior, and they typically seek sex reassignment after having lived outwardly successful lives as men, often in male-dominated professions such as engineering or computer science."Most have been married to women, and many have fathered children.

It is much harder for them to believe they can find love as a woman.

They therefore try to live up to the role of "a real man" as long as possible.

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