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Addressing spelling difficulties is important, because poor spelling can hamper writing and can convey a negative impression even when the content of the writing is excellent. The most basic kind of knowledge required for good English spelling involves phonics knowledge, or knowledge of common letter-sound relationships. Using students' invented spelling as a guide for spelling instruction that emphasizes word study. Fayol (Eds.), Learning to spell: Research, theory and practice across languages (pp.

For example, children need to learn that the sound they hear at the beginning of the spoken word "bag" is spelled with the letter b, the medial sound is spelled with the letter a, and the final sound is spelled with the letter g.

Unfortunately, however, basic phonics knowledge is necessary, but often not sufficient, for accurate spelling in English. : Effects of an individualized structured language curriculum for middle and high school students.

Students approved to use a computer on the SAT take the exam in their own school, instead of a designated test center.

Students allowed to use a computer to take school tests are not necessarily eligible for a computer accommodation on College Board exams because College Board exams can differ from classroom tests.

Effective teaching of this knowledge is especially crucial for students with RD. Beginning to read: Thinking and learning about print.

Spelling difficulties can be enduring in individuals with RD, sometimes even after reading has been successfully remediated.

Some familiarity with the printed word is essential for correct spelling of many words.

This is true not only for phonetically irregular words such as of or what, but for many regular words as well.

One common but mistaken belief is that spelling problems stem from a poor visual memory for the sequences of letters in words.

Recent research, however, shows that a general kind of visual memory plays a relatively minor role in learning to spell.

For example, the second vowel sound in the word colonist is a schwa (unstressed) vowel; it is impossible to hear that the vowel is an o rather than, say, an i or a u.

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