Speed dating for fundraising

Such events may also help combat some of the leadership challenges of running a self-perpetuating (or self-nominating) board.

Self-perpetuating boards are tempted to recruit new board members from amongst their friends and colleagues and thereby run the risk of becoming unrepresentative of the target population and service area.

Self-perpetuating boards, unlike an elected or appointed board, also have the opportunity to recruit for specific skill sets.

At the Board Match event, nonprofits could use the opportunity to advertise for and recruit board members with specific knowledge, such as legal, financial, or technical expertise.

The Lost Riders have successfully achieved monumental results in a short period of time for National campaigns and have also made a few local accomplishments that range vastly from making a sick eleven-year-old boy suffering with brain cancer a honorary patched member of our club to sponsoring an Adopt-A-Road Trash Pick Up Program on Veterans Pkwy between Santa Barbara Blvd and Country Club Blvd.

We have participated in Poker Runs, toy runs, veteran home runs, motorcycle safety awareness rides and much more for our community.

Although we were awarded 2nd place, we did however supersede our club’s goal to raise more money than last year in the helmet drive. Jude” Ride-A-Thon that benefitted the children of St.

Jude’s Children Research Hospital in which a large sum of money was raised and donated for children’s cancer research.

Our mission is to continue our success and evolve into a stronger partnership with local businesses, people in need in our community and to support our local bands. We are a brotherhood/sisterhood that inhibits endless ability without boundaries.

February 19, 2014; San Francisco Business Journal Earlier this week, more than 150 Bay Area nonprofit organizations and 1,000 potential board members convened for the ninth annual Board Match event hosted by the Volunteer Center serving San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Speed Dating will be held on Friday, February 9th, and will start at 7PM.

Register now to reserve your spot for this fun event!

Trying to obtain a corporate sponsorship can feel a little like a first date: exchanging pleasantries and asking what they do, all while trying to figure out if this is someone you could see yourself with long-term.

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