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Press Release The Lost Riders are Proudly Sponsoring: SPEED DATING Come Find Your Perfect Match August 7, 2015 The Lost Riders Riding Club will be hosting its very first Speed Dating Event. Proceeds go to Brillyn, who needs open heart surgery to repair his heart.

Held at the Nauti Parrot Tiki Hut, 3448 Marinatown, Ln in N. This will be his third surgery and has to travel to Michigan for the surgery since not all places perform it.

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The ability of self-perpetuating boards to develop a strong board culture may also increase the risk of becoming too insular and unresponsive.

Speed dating events like Board Match can help self-perpetuating boards meet and recruit candidates they would never otherwise have considered.

Speed Dating will be held on Friday, February 9th, and will start at 7PM.

Register now to reserve your spot for this fun event!

Of course, the situation is not either/or, self-perpetuating or speed dating.

In fact, to extend the metaphor, if we went into personal speed dating with the idea of simply installing someone we met there as our boyfriend or girlfriend with a term of service, we would likely be disappointed.

With the amazing feedback we continue to get from our fans, Speed Dating is an event that everyone is sure to love!

You’d be surprised at how many matches are made and how many people enjoy the experience from start to finish.

In a philanthropic version of “speed dating,” nonprofit executives staffed booths, shared their mission, answered questions, and interviewed potential candidates on the spot.

Speed dating for board members and volunteers is not a new concept; we have reported on similar events that have been held in other cities.

Self-perpetuating boards, unlike an elected or appointed board, also have the opportunity to recruit for specific skill sets.

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