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This leaves no firms comparable in terms of value, Spark Networks the closest. Revenue from Sponsorship contributed a mere 3% of the total, the rest came from event sales.

The income statement shows that the gross profit has increased by 31% (2002-2005), however the COGS almost doubled itself. Overall, the increase in gross profit margin from .75 to .86(2002-2005) and net profit margin from -.26 to .211 depicts a rosy picture.

Specific information on % of total number of online users aged 20-29 can help the analysis.

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Its decentralized operations through hosts and centralized database are strategies to manage operations. And subsequently they don’t have to rely more on credit.

This coupled with media exposure, growing age group, sufficient site functionality, well organized events (leading to word-of-mouth), multiple revenue sources (dating website, speed dating events, subscription fees), Free-Party guarantee, sponsorships and partnerships are keys to Hurry Date’s success.

It does this by hosting round-robin meeting event for potentials dating candidates.

This is where they make money by charging customers for each person they meet.

The issue of expense can be addressed by charging only when a customer likes someone rather than charging for every person one meets or have one time registration fee to meet as many people as the customer wants.

Cross promotions and promotional subscriptions can further the growth.

However these partnerships comes with a caveat: Poorly chosen partner will not only eat on resources but also the funds & the user base.

The number of online users grow with the growing population on daily basis.

This will make it easy for buyers to seek finance making the deal even more viable.

I may also think of collaborating with bank to make a deal on my behalf.

Hurry Date, a small & privately owned company, is one of the America’s leading provider of speed dating with a strong brand recognition.

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