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Recommendation-only system Since its founding in 1905, Booklist has followed a recommendation-only system.

This means that every title reviewed would make a quality addition to library collections.

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Booklist Selection Policy The editors of Booklist magazine adhere to a selection policy consistent with the Library Bill of Rights.

The process of choosing titles for reviews aims to promote readership, never censorship.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Booklist began its Editors’ Choice reviews and its first feature column, “Manley Arts”, by Will Manley.

The 1990s issues of Booklist were the first to be composed on in-office computers.

The Booklist offices are located in the American Library Association headquarters in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

Booklist, as an introduction from the American Library Association publishing board notes, began publication in January 1905 to "meet an evident need by issuing a current buying list of recent books with brief notes designed to assist librarians in selection." With an annual subscription fee of 50 cents, Booklist was initially subsidized by a 0,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation, known for its public and university library endowments, and at first mainly contained the briefest 25- to 50-word summaries.

Currently, the magazine can be found online and in print.

The Booklist editorial team also creates supplemental products, such as Book Links, webinars and the Booklist Reader.

High-Demand Booklist recognizes that libraries wish to purchase new materials as soon as they become available, and therefore works to review titles as early as possible.

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