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The crux of the game revolves around discovering each of the paths, and playing through multiple times to see all of the endings.

There are also a variety of special cutscenes triggered by specific events - the goal is naturally to unlock all of them.

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This was mostly lost in the Maximum Impact games - even though the characters were designed by Falcoon, one of the many SNK regular artists, all of the ingame and manual artwork were CG renders, leaving them at a great distance from their 2D cousins.

One has to wonder how well these flamboyant newcomers would fare in a sprite form (probable answer: pretty well, as least when stacked next to recent characters like Ash), but Days of Memories features these characters - Luise, Mignon, Ninon, Alba - with handdrawn artwork, which is refreshing to see.

It's here where some executive must have finally logged on to the internet, and realized that there's an astounding amount of porn based on SNK characters.

No company in their right mind would make an official hentai game (although that didn't stop Gainax and their smutty Evangelion calender, but that's a whole different issue), but instead they did the next "best" thing: they reimagined The King of Fighters as a dating sim.

Like many other dating sims, one of the biggest draws is seeing the characters in other outfits - you get to see King in a classy dress, or Mai decked out in full ninja gear, or practically all of them in either swimwear or sailor uniforms.

Their roles have been altered slightly to fit in the universe - for instance, Kula is introduced as K''s little sister, and so forth.

The dating sim is a bit blurry to most non-Japanese gamers, because they're almost never localized.

Days of Memories is not a simulation game Tokimeki Memorial, nor is it a straight visual novel like so many erotic PC games that swarm of the shelves of ever on the upper levels of every anime store in Akihabara.

There are currently eight chapters in the Days of Memories series.

Each of these episodes were originally designed for Japanese cellphones, but many have been ported to the Nintendo DS.

It's also particularly interesting in the way it melds the cast of the Maximum Impact series.

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