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It's also particularly interesting in the way it melds the cast of the Maximum Impact series.Since the beginning of the series, each entry in The King of Fighters had carried some unique distinction due to its artist.

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Since then, they've been fighting the good fight, recapturing much of the spirit of the old SNK, even if their output isn't nearly as high.

Alas, even though they've been producing some quality titles, not everyone is keen on buying and rebuying installments of The King of Fighters and Metal Slug.

It's hard to say whether it's totally sad or totally amazing that Japanese companies like SNK will cater to their fans like this.

Anyway, a huge chunk of these "adventure" just involve reading - occasionally there's some minimal user input when you need to respond to a question, but that's about the gist of it.

These would be heavily XXX rated if these were porn games, but most of these scenes are fairly innocuous, with a small number of total cheesecake shots.

It even does the courtesy of sidestepping any pedo issues regarding the younger characters - for instance, when you "win" with Momoko, you end up taking her to a rave, which is a welcome step up from the loli witch touching in SNK's own Doki Doki Majou Shinpan.Still, the gameplay - if one can call it that - is quite simple.Every day, you wake up and chat with some of your friends.Most of the scenes begin the same: You: *enter scene**screen vibrates to indicate bumping into someone*You: Ah, Mary-san, what are you doing here? The writing and scenarios are, of course, pretty bad.The whole thing is essentially an interactive self-insertion fan fic, and as much as the artwork is kinda pretty decent, there's no part of it that doesn't feel a little bit awkward.Like many other dating sims, one of the biggest draws is seeing the characters in other outfits - you get to see King in a classy dress, or Mai decked out in full ninja gear, or practically all of them in either swimwear or sailor uniforms.

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