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It's been a real good day.'Ward said he used seismic data, Doppler radar and witness information to narrow down where to search.

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The Windy City sits 200 miles away from where the meteor is said to have exploded above Michigan.

Mr Narlock said: 'I have heard people saw it as far Chicago, which if that's true that tells me it happened pretty high up in the atmosphere if they're seeing it from that distance.'He estimated the meteor - believed to be a bolide meteor - exploded between six to 10 miles from the ground.

The United States Geological Survey said a 2.0-magnitude earthquake struck the area at the same time as the meteorite.

Hundreds of people reported the extraordinary astronomical event, and some captured some amazing videos.

Meteorite hunters who flocked to Detroit from across the U. Atkins owns Cosmic Connection Meteorites, while Ward operates Robert Ward Meteorites.'It's a really spectacular specimen,' Ward said while holding one of the meteorites.'Two days ago, this was hundreds of thousands of miles past the moon, and now I'm standing here holding it in my hand...

The 6-foot-wide meteor broke apart Tuesday about 20 miles over Earth, NASA scientists said. The first fragments were located Thursday by professional hunters Larry Atkins and Robert Ward of Arizona, according to the American Meteor Society.

Footage of a meteorite falling from the sky was captured by a number of residents throughout Michigan and further afield that evening.

A bright light, understood to be the soaring fireball exploding above Michigan, was seen as far away as Chicago and even across the border in Canada.

America's National Weather Service (NWS) put out a statement on the extraordinary climate conditions saying: 'After reviewing several observational datasets, the NWS can confirm the flash and boom was not thunder or lightning, but instead a likely meteor.

'We continue to monitor feeds from astronomical agencies for official confirmation of a meteor.' The American Meteor Society says it received hundreds of reports of a fireball on the night of Tuesday January 16 over Michigan, including many in the Detroit area.

'It's a jubilee day.' Other states where people reported seeing a fireball included Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.

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