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As the camera focuses on cars going by, the night sky increasingly turns a cosmic green.

At the top of the screen a small object can be seen plummeting towards earth, remarkably lighting up the surrounding area as if its the early afternoon.

'It's a jubilee day.' Other states where people reported seeing a fireball included Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.

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One of Mitt Romney's high school classmates says that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was 'evil' in his younger years, and acted like he was a schoolboy gone mad 'like Lord Of The Flies'. a friend all my life, but this was a side of him that I hadn’t seen,' Mr Maxwell said.

Stu White, a friend of Mr Romney's who attended Cranbrook School with the candidate, said that he is 'still debating' if he will help the campaign after he received a call from Mr Romney's older brother Scott. Torment: The Republican presidential hopeful was said to have taunted students who were known to be gay and those from poor backgrounds at the exclusive Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan The incident supposedly happened in the summer term in 1965 when Mr Lauber, who was a year below Mr Romney, came back from Spring Break with his hair dyed blond and styled so it was draped over one eye.

It's been a real good day.'Ward said he used seismic data, Doppler radar and witness information to narrow down where to search.

Meteorite hunters seek permission from landowners before searching on their property, Ward said.

Interviews with Mr Romney’s former classmates at the $54,000 a year Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, reveal he was fond of jokes that were mostly good-natured by sometimes had a hard edge.

Among the claims in ‘The Real Romney’, is that Mr Romney once shouted: ‘Oh yeah!

Footage of a meteorite falling from the sky was captured by a number of residents throughout Michigan and further afield that evening.

A bright light, understood to be the soaring fireball exploding above Michigan, was seen as far away as Chicago and even across the border in Canada.

A similar phenomenon was seen above Russia in 2013 and the fireball can be silent or crackling as it moves through the atmosphere.

Mr Narlock said the chances of the meteor making it to earth intact is rare.

The United States Geological Survey said a 2.0-magnitude earthquake struck the area at the same time as the meteorite.

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