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About Blog This is all about the unique challenges that face as Single Dads. About Blog Single Dads: use these resources that will encourage and inspire you to be the best dad you can be.

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You need to realize going into this relationship that these kids mean the world to this person you and they need care all the time.

So you are an important person in their life you just aren’t most important.

Here are a few things that may help you if you’re considering dating someone who comes with a few extra human beings.

The first thing I learned was that no matter what happens for the most part your always second.

My exes kids end up messaging me here and there but for the most part I think I was the one that lost my little friends.

So that’s it for this post so I don’t end up rambling on about an ex lover.

So if you are cool with Netflix and chilling at home a majority of the time you could withstand this relationship. This also involves if you are going to discipline the kids at all.

Another thing that is important that you need to talk about is how the kids will view you? This is something that people can go either way on. What I ended up being was mommy’s boy friend and the adult in the situation so it was agreed upon that I would correct them if I saw them doing something that wasn’t right.

I would want to go to the bars or out partying with my friends and she wanted to stay home.

What I didn’t at the time was she had a job to do as a mother and going out all the time didn’t fit into that.

The night before my daughter started her freshman year at a new high school where she knew no one, I stared at the ceiling and made a few wishes. But after that first day of school, my 15-year-old came home in tears….

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