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Stan and Foxtel Play offer alternate methods of accessing different content within Australia, but ultimately it’s only a few niche shows and not a whole lot more content.

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Select type of Cloud Storage provider from drop-down list (Eg Google Drive) and input your username (email) of that storage provider — select “Add new remote account”.

If prompted to authorise account, select “Authorise”.

Because unless you’re using a VPN that you pay for, you probably aren’t getting much content with Netflix, relatively speaking.

In fact, Australian Netflix gets approximately 10% of the US Netflix repertoire, and they are tightening the loopholes to be able to cross that geolocation restriction using VPN’s and unlock tools.

Because what you have essentially done here is create a fairly complex algorithm and simultaneously synced many cloud-based operations without using any of your own internet or bandwidth to download or upload any files.

Note, if you ever wanted to be able to use Plex with a local storage device that does NOT need internet — you can always buy a WD My Passport Pro which has Plex installed on it and can be used wirelessly to stream any of the content on the device to any Tablet, Phone or Computer using the Plex app.

With v1.1.4 support for Ktorrent and r Torrent added. Integration with other clients is planned for the future.

Duckie TV tries to make it as simple as possible to bypass the silly censorship laws laid down by people and corporations that do not understand how people want to consume their content these days.

You will then be able to access that file on your Google Drive folder — and in turn, your Plex account. — for detailed instructions on how to set up a Plex Cloud server — see https://tv/features/cloud/ — complete with simplified video12. Plex will then come along and automatically index the file, categorise it correctly, voila — you can open the Plex app on your phone, tablet, computer, Smart TV, Apple TV — whatever you want — and the show will just be there, a mere hours after airing, for your viewing pleasure.

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