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This is from the same girl who has her fans show her the love by sending her digital images of themselves with the words "fuck frosty" in the picture, which she posts on her site. Actually, racier versions of such photos are the transgressive currency of the webcam world; fans take photos of their naked body parts, often with the name of the site written on their cleavage or naked butt, which the cam kids then proudly display on their sites.

Galleries of such devotion can be found on sites like Infinity Decay, State of Confusion and

Her cam and diary entries have won her 500 members in her fan club, along with those copies of "Catcher in the Rye" and other teen classics, but, she says, "The Internet community views me as untouchable because I won't get naked on my cam." She recently mused on her site: "Some people show tits, and some people don't.

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I'm not tricking people into sending me things.

I think strangers on the Internet like to send things to other people because they're lonely, and they try to find their happiness in our surprise and thankfulness of their gifts.

None of the cam girls interviewed for this story copped to any such payoff.

Charisma says: "I never promise to do anything in return for the gifts other than to say thank you or send a thank you card.

And the result of this virtual marriage is an online beg-fest that makes it easy to take candy from strangers on the Internet.

Kids as young as 15 are getting into the act of asking for handouts online -- toy and books and CDs and, of course, webcams -- so their online fans can get an even better look at them.

Other cam kids abhor the begging and commercialism.

"I don't have [a wish list] because I don't want strangers buying me stuff.

So the relationship between the online pen pal or fan can remain entirely virtual, yet still produce the goods.

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