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I had my eyes set on a football player in high school. As much of a douche as he turned out to be, he definitely helped me a lot. To have somebody show that much of an interest in me - it made me feel good. My butt hits the newsstand today(literally😝) Im still smiling and freaking out over this huge milestone in women empowerment.

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She was only a freshman in high school, and describes that time in her life as her "lowest of low." During her junior year, she moved to Utah from Louisiana, where the former gymnast took up snowboarding as a way to get back into sports, and the rest is history.

For, she opens up about how she overcame her struggles with body image and self-confidence after her amputation, dating and motherhood.

"If I had seen these pictures when I was younger, that would've made [such a] difference in my recovery after cancer," Huckaby says the woman told her.

"Just hearing that made the shoot that much more worth it." In 2010, Huckaby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer — a diagnosis that, due to complications, forced doctors to amputate her right leg.

It's so different when it's genuine questions versus just trying to fill dead air.

He's played such a huge role in me breaking out and feeling comfortable with myself.I started going to the gym and that slowly started to help me build my confidence, because I could walk [with the help of my prosthetic].That may not sound like much, but I tried to find things that I could enjoy.Owen and Chi Chi were guests at a NASCAR event and even played sports together.'Owen is an amazing young man and has persevered and overcome challenges like Chi Chi has,' Howell said.'That really spoke to us and we wanted to do something special to celebrate him.'Owen and Chi Chi both have Go Fund Me pages to help with their medical costs.He had no idea he would be meeting the dog that inspired him.

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