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In July, a Singaporean court found the woman guilty of defaming the two teachers and ordered her to pay damages.

(The defamation case was heard in Singapore because initial accusations against Bantleman and Tjiong were made in the form or emails and texts sent from the city-state.) “The truth is finally revealed and justice has been done,” the teachers’ lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, told AP.

Today, these are only one of many opportunities to meet.

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The use of Ecstasy in the past two years has been increasing.

This is observable from news in the newspapers relating to this issue and the government is concerned with controlling the use of Ecstasy among the young people in some urban areas of Indonesia.

In those days, a first meeting between a husband and wife on the day of the weeding day still often happened.

Traditional social ceremonies or events were used by young people to meet with a member of the opposite sex.

For them, it is very prestigious to dress, listen to music, watch movies or videos and eat the type of food that teenagers enjoy in Western countries.

Their attitudes towards premarital sex seem to be more liberal compared with past generations (Utomo and Mc Donald, 1997; Sarwono, 1981a).

Incidences of death caused by the use of these pills were also reported in the newspapers.

On the other hand, young people's knowledge of the nature of sexuality and safe sexual practices is very limited because sex education is not provided by schools (Xenos, 1990: 338), except in a few cases in some religious schools where it is provided in a scientific or technical way (Martono, 1981: 83).

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