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There are as many ways of defining a movie’s sexiness as there are, well, ways to have sex.

But in one way or another, all of these movies on this list have the power to put us in the mood for love.

But what just hit the Internet is something that is so...

We've all done things that we're not too proud of.

Spongebob, The Simpsons, Pikachu, The Minions—what's one thing these cartoon characters all have in common other than being relatively annoying? And, because that's the case, what better way to waste a Friday afternoon than to make up a few celebrity name puns for a good...

It's seriously hard to believe that the TV show The Simpsons has been on-air for 29 seasons, which, unsurprisingly, has earned it the distinction as the longest-running scripted primetime TV series...MORE These Are the Most Sexually Provocative Movies of All Time Most movies about the sexual conquests of horny teenage boys overcome with rabid hormonal urges fail to register as “sexy.” Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar-nominated Mexican drama, which stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal as best friends who take a road trip with the older and unhappily married Luisa (Maribel Verdú), is the exception.Some movies are sexy because they submit to fantasy.But survey any moderately sized group of individuals (or TIME’s culture staff) and certain titles come up again and again.Some movies—like , feature sequences of such exquisite and tantalizing carnality that they’ve come to define all that we think a sex scene should be.If you didn't hear about that absolutely hilarious video bomb from the other day of a kid ruining his dad's BBC interview by storming in with such swag that it was too much to handle, you've got to...

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