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With a meagre budget, he can only meet his basic needs.

Apart from the fact of playing cat and mouse with the police, they fear being the target of homophobic attacks.

So the fairy tale could start to look rather like a nightmare.

For it is also in this neighbourhood that many moderate Islamists live.

It’s nice to go cruising there, according to Mahmoud, a young man of 26 years.

The situation of LGBT people in Algeria is worrying.

Along with concerns relating to gender identity, the gay community must face an upsurge of HIV and STI (sexually transmitted infections) cases.Although he smiles for his customers, he doesn’t hide his despair.“I wonder why I’m not like the others,” says the hairdresser. To escape the judgment of others, the only solution is discretion.” To confront his day-to-day worries, Salim devotes himself to his one and only joy, bodybuilding.Located in the city’s center, the main cruising areas are the stairs of the Pêcherie (“Sahat Souhada”) and the Kasbah.By nightfall, numerous gays run into each other there.“But though you can feel the fresh air, basically, it’s a prison.” He says that it’s hard to free oneself up, but the cruising areas are the only places to which gays have access.

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