She managed to fight him off and escape, but minutes later he abducted and assaulted another woman."I was shattered when I heard about his latest victim," she said.Ms Jenkins said she still remembered every detail of the morning she was walking to college in 2001 when Chatters pretended he was lost and then tried to physically force her into the stolen car he was in."No-one helped me, cars kept driving past ...It is not the first time Chatters has abducted and assaulted women.


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Justice Michael Brett said what followed was three hours of terror, with Chatters threatening to slit her throat, and track down her partner and children if she made too much noise."It's difficult to imagine the sheer terror she must have felt," he said.

He said Chatters had "little if any insight" into the seriousness of his conduct and showed no signs of remorse.

Justice Brett said given the low probability of Chatters' rehabilitation and the high probability of reoffending, he had placed Chatters on the sex offenders register for the maximum 15 years.

Chatters will serve at least six years in jail but despite a community petition and lobbying of the Attorney-General, Chatters has not been declared a dangerous criminal.

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