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"They look her in the eye."A year later, I met Sreypov again.

A smiling, chubby-cheeked 18-year-old, she greeted me with a giant hug and giggled out a "Hello, how are you? In her shiny pink raw-silk dress, she looked as if she'd discovered she had the right to exist.

I first met Sreypov three years ago when she visited the U. Seventeen years old at the time, she was so shy, she could barely look up at the people she met.

"Sreypov can't believe how friendly people are to her here," one of her travel companions explained.

In general, sex with girls can cost as little as $5 (that's less than the $9 I paid to take a taxi from the airport to my hotel), but virgins usually command a far higher price.

Clients can pay as much as $800 to $4000, according to the Trafficking in Persons Report.

She is uneasy telling her story; it doesn't tumble forth freely, but rather comes in short, staccato, emotionless bursts.

It's as if she becomes someone else to cope with recounting her own past.

"Then one day, a man opened the door and said, 'Do you want a client?

' I didn't know what he meant, but I knew it was bad. Then he brought me to a room for punishment." She pauses for a moment.

When Sreypov saw her first client—"an Asian man with a cruel look in his eyes," she recalls—she changed her mind and said no again, and started to cry.

Furious at her behavior, the pimp took his abuse to a new level, crushing up a handful of hot chili peppers with his foot and stuffing them in her vagina.

On the second evening, her new employers drove her to another home, in Phnom Penh, where she ate dinner and went to bed. Sreypov, Chanthan, and I are on our way to a center for rescued sex slaves.

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