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Humanitarian women face specific challenges: trying to mix income generation with household chores, and care work (Musa and Hamid, 2008), and for their greater exposure to sexual violence (Olff et al., 2007).

"Admitting the existence of slavery, in the eyes of officials, would harm our prestige," said Panteleyev, head of the Man & Law NGO and a former prosecutor who has been combatting human trafficking since the 1990s.

As a result, sex slaves in Russia struggle even if freed, and have to rely on NGOs, clerics or police generosity in the absence of state rehab and protection programs.

Similarly, in my doctoral research (Building aid workers’ resilience: why a gendered approach is needed), I found that international female staff, working in the humanitarian sector as well as in development, face gender-specific factors of stress, all posing risks and threats to their wellbeing and performance. Scholte (Trauma-related mental health problems among national humanitarian staff: a systematic review of the literature) reviewed the literature on trauma-related mental health problems among national humanitarian staff, and found ambiguous results on sex/gender.

Most studies found that female staff reported more symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety (Ager et al., 2012, on staff in northern Uganda; Eriksson et al., 2013, on national staff in Jordan; Lopes Cardozo et al., 2005, on Kosovar Albanian staff).

There is a war involving the elves and the dark elves over who are able to procreate the most, will Yuichi be able to survive this bountiful land of gratuitous elven sex appeal?

Zhenya, a young Russian woman, was lucky: A client took pity on her and took her away from the brothel.

For the CHS Alliance it underlines yet again how essential…

What actually makes training stick after the curtains have closed, the certificates are issued and the participants have departed?

And if so, how can we prevent the developing of such problems and increase our staff resilience? In the last few days news reports of sexual exploitation and abuse by humanitarian aid workers in Haiti have shocked our sector.

These reported cases show just how vital it is to apply existing standards and use all available tools.

Gender is in fact often overlooked in research on aid workers’ resilience.

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