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Finally, no significant correlation between sex and mental health disorders was registered in national staff in China (Wang, Yip, et al.

2013), nor in national staff in Sri Lanka (Lopes Cardozo et al., 2013).

Organisational resilience is at the heart of the CHS Alliance, as evidenced by the success of the recent Humanitarian Human Resources (HHR) Europe conference 2016 in Barcelona, where panellists and participants shared resources and discussed how to improve the resilience of humanitarian organisations.

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For the CHS Alliance it underlines yet again how essential…

What actually makes training stick after the curtains have closed, the certificates are issued and the participants have departed?

Alice Gritti, Ph D, is an organisational psychologist with seven years of research experience on aid workers.

Passionate about gender equality and intersectionality, she focuses her research on aid workers’ wellbeing, resilience and psychosocial support.

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We know that in the general population there are gender-specific risk factors of developing mental health problems.

For example, women are twice as likely as men to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and are more at risk of suffering from depression and anxiety.

Humanitarian women face specific challenges: trying to mix income generation with household chores, and care work (Musa and Hamid, 2008), and for their greater exposure to sexual violence (Olff et al., 2007).

Other evidence found that, male staff was instead at greater risk of developing depression (Thormar et al., 2013, in Indonesian Red Cross workers).

The good news is that compared to the gender-blindness of the past, in more recent years, there are studies gathering data on gender.

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