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On 4/13/1949 at , a magnitude 7.0 (7.0 UK, Class: Major, Intensity: VIII - XII) earthquake occurred 157.7 miles away from the city center, causing ,000,000 total damage On 1/31/1922 at , a magnitude 7.6 (7.6 UK) earthquake occurred 321.9 miles away from Pacific City center On 2/28/2001 at , a magnitude 6.8 (6.5 MB, 6.6 MS, 6.8 MW, Depth: 32.2 mi, Class: Strong, Intensity: VII - IX) earthquake occurred 146.2 miles away from the city center, causing ,000,000,000 total damage and 5,000,000 insured losses On 8/17/1991 at , a magnitude 7.1 (6.2 MB, 7.1 MS, 7.1 MW, 6.8 ML, Depth: 8.4 mi) earthquake occurred 252.6 miles away from the city center On 11/8/1980 at , a magnitude 7.2 (6.2 MB, 7.2 MS, 7.2 MW, 7.0 ML) earthquake occurred 283.8 miles away from Pacific City center On 7/13/1991 at , a magnitude 6.9 (6.2 MB, 6.9 MS, 6.8 MW, 6.7 ML, Depth: 6.8 mi) earthquake occurred 226.3 miles away from the city center The number of natural disasters in Tillamook County (17) is greater than the US average (13). Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study. Congregations and Membership in the United States 2000.

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This Wildlife Trading Company innovation transformed an empty foyer into a thematic shopping experience.

Since partnering with the aquarium in 2002, Wildlife Trading Company has increased per capita spend by 150%.

Most marine debris washing up along the sparsely populated coast of the Pacific Northwest comes from all across the Pacific Rim, a testimony to the global nature of the marine debris problem.

It is volunteer effort that removes most of this marine debris.

Marine debris removal is difficult in remote and largely inaccessible coastal areas in the region, especially in the fall and winter when storms bring more debris on the beaches, yet make removal much more challenging.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a private, aquatic and marine science educational facility offering fun and interesting ways to learn about Oregon's unique coastal ecosystem.

Jones, Alexei Krindatch, Richie Stanley and Richard H.

200,000 : Northwest Clackamas, OR (225.6 miles , pop. Source: Clifford Grammich, Kirk Hadaway, Richard Houseal, Dale E.

To further our work and our own emotional well-being, we join together to provide support and assistance to each other in these endeavors.

Made up of seven diverse regions, Oregon has the ocean, mountains, valleys, high desert, cities, small towns, and almost everything in between.

The Aquarium attracts nearly half a million visitors each year.

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