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In the heart of the city you are unlikely to find a happy ending massage in Stockholm, but maybe out on the fringes of the city you might.

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Maybe try heading to Visby for Stockholm Week 29 when girls let loose a bit.

There is some decent nightlife in Stockholm but the best places are pretty expensive and if you aren’t part of the ‘in crowd’ you might have a tough time working your way to the hottest girls.

Plus you will deal with long lines, expensive covers, and all of the other crap that comes from going to a nightclub.

If you want to give it a shot in the Stockholm nightlife you can try out Spy Bar, Sturecompagniet, or the Berns Hotel can be a fun place to hang out.

If you really want to get a good erotic massage you will be much better off taking a quick trip to Thailand or Vietnam.

There are some good topless and full nude strip clubs in Stockholm but again you aren’t going to be having sex in the back room here.

This is a pretty safe area in a nice part of town so you won’t really have to worry about your safety.

However, remember paying a hooker in Stockholm for sex is illegal so there might be police stings.

Instead your best bet is to hit up one of the few spots where you can still find streetwalking prostitutes, but they are not all that common.

You could also try meeting hookers online on social media sites like Facebook and maybe inquire about paying for a date.

They are probably not going to be the blond Swede’s you are hoping for, though you may find some blond Eastern Europeans street girls.

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