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To place in a Sporting Group of the caliber of Portland/Puyallup is incredible, and Coal has done it three years in a row.

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His movement has the effortless grace correct for a Labrador.

A number of judges have now told me: "This is an extraordinary Labrador.

In 2015, two of the JAMs in the final lineup at Potomac were Coal kids, as was the BBE black bitch class winner and WB finalist.

He has become a truly great producers, almost regardless of the bitch he is bred to.

Nothing to hide, he is big, has a lovely head, tons of coat, is structurally right on with a stick of a topline.

He never stops wagging his tail and never puts his ears down.

Coal has created such a buzz at the Group level because of his amazing ability to show himself.

He is the best kind of showdog there is--there are no holes.

Coal had the run of the house as a baby and is a riot, for sure.

The kids treated him like a stuffed animal, so I'm not sure what he thinks he is.

Eva's littermate, Parker, took back-to-back BOB's his second weekend of dog shows.

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