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An indictment released Friday and dated December 22, 2017, does not offer any details, but it closely tracks the publicly reported details of the case.According to a grand jury, “on or about March 21, 2015, in the City of St.“You’re never going to mention my name, otherwise this picture will be everywhere,” she quoted him as saying on the tape.

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Louis, State of Missouri, the defendant knowingly photographed K. in a state of full or partial nudity without the knowledge or consent of K. and in a place where a person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the defendant subsequently transmitted the image contained in the photograph in a manner that allowed access to the image via a computer.” It’s a class-D felony, carrying a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

Greitens was released and is due back in court on March 16.

Although he had been a lifelong Democrat, Greitens announced that he was a “conservative Republican” in a 2015 Fox essay, saying that his experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs had shaped his view of government.

“The problem is that most Democrats seem to think more money and bigger government are the solutions to virtually every single problem. It was a happy coincidence that Missouri was more favorable turf for a Republican than a Democrat.

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It is an adult dating website that can help you get more no-strings-attached dating in your life.Greitens racked up adoring coverage in conservative media.“If Eric Greitens sent you his résumé, you wouldn’t believe it,” wrote F. In 2015, Greitens announced he would run in the Republican primary for Missouri governor, his first race for elected office.Greitens’s troubles began in early January, when several outlets reported that he had engaged in an extramarital affair in 2015.The ex-husband of Greitens’s former lover surreptitiously recorded her describing how Greitens had photographed her nude and indicated that the images would serve as blackmail material.He published three books, including a memoir and a collection of letters to a fellow veteran grappling with PTSD. In other words, Greitens had built a perfect resume for politics.

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