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Burquest, 2-story brick veneer, 125 Earl-wood Road, ,500.

Nunnally, 2-story brick duplex, 260-262 Evaline St.. Second Federal Savings ti Loan Association to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp , house, Frankslown Road, ,384.

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Caito, 1-story brick veneer, 6517 Swan Awe , $40,-000.

Rivers, 1-story brick, 139 Westminster Drive, $40,000. Slocum to Richard Fessler, house, 330 Wilson Dnve, $39,000.

Pendro, 1-story brick and stone, Long Road, $58,500.

King, t-story brick and frame, 1660 Nash Ave., $39,800.

Acmetonia is a small community within Harmar Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States.

Acmetonia Primary School as well as the Allegheny Valley School District administrative offices are located on Pearl Avenue in Acmetonia.

Skinner et al, 2-story brick, 424 Middle Ave., ,000.

Pnybyasz, 1 -story brick venepr, 168 Deer-field Drive, ,475.

Clifford Headnck to Robert Richman, 1 -story brick and aluminum, 126 Tyncwood Drive, ,000.

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