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Carson: Well, the key to your question there was the word “unacceptable.” And yes, absolutely.Tillis: Do you believe that HUD and the other agencies have creeped their scopes over time and that you can be someone who may say that HUD needs to be smaller, or some other organization needs to be smaller so that the people best able to provide the safety net, the agency best positioned to provide the safety net can do it, and you can complement in some points and take the lead in others?

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“And then I want to come to you with that world-class plan.

And I want to convince you all that this is what we need to do.

When New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez asked Carson whether his “worldview” fit into HUD’s core mission, Carson defended his campaign pledges to cut back on government spending.“We can never seem to cut, because people have their programs and they say, ‘This one is sacred, and this one is not.’ The point being, if we can find a number on which we can agree and begin to cut back, we can start thinking about fiscal responsibility,” Carson said.

“Bear in mind, we are approaching a $20 trillion national debt.”Carson also believes that there should be a limit to how much public assistance America should provide.

And, despite his own repeated statements to cut down on expenses, he pledged, to the Democrat senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii, that he would advocate for a budget for HUD.

“I want to put together a world-class plan on housing in this country,” Carson said.

When he was on the campaign trail, Ben Carson spoke frequently about the inefficiency of government, and expressed skepticism about particular government programs.

“We have 4.1 million federal employees, and we have 645 government agencies and sub-agencies.

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