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This film intends to acknowledge many of the much loved and well respected underground Adelaide bands from the late 70s to the present day.

We pay tribute to the DIYers who’s continuous efforts over the past 30 years to support, encourage and celebrate this particular music scene, has helped make it the rich & thriving scene it is today.

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Even given those more well known examples, there are kazillions of bands that in the seventies, eighties and nineties and right through to today are out there doing it, and doing it well.

There are a myriad of genres and sub cultures and there is something for everybody.

Its about a generation of musicians who grew up in Adelaide South Australia and those people who embraced the "do it yourself" Attitude and were inspired as youths by the punk movement back in the late 70s.

This punk DIY ethic was often the driving force behind many teens of the times throughout the world to want to start bands, set up public radio stations, record labels and their own music fanzines.

This film is a celebration and a tribute to South Australian original music, from the perspective of Adelaide's underground pub rock scene.

The stories are memories told through the eyes of the musicians themselves and other local music supporters.There is a lot of archival footage, much of previously unseen.Hundreds of gig flyers, band posters and photographs that help set the tone and time for each section.We've spoken with many Three D Radio Mark Hayes , John Scott, Frank Woogie, Andy Mac Queen, Karl Melvin, Hermann Lauss, Chris Wiley, Gerry Masi, Chris Cashel, Ewan Cameron, Renestair EJ, Andrew Bunney, Mike Bareniac, Suzie Ramone, Dave Gray, Jo Herbert.Milli, Paul Slater, Ben Parkinsn, in Laud, Andrew Steel, Dave Mason, Mick Morris, Pete Christopher, Darren Auchenlonie, Pete The Stud, Tony Grudge, Dave Williams CBL, Mike Wilczek, Nesta Michell, Nazz - Paul Oldham, Alan Bindig, Pange Neiamoller, Ken Sykes, Johnny Cavuto, Arna Eyres White - DB mag, Belinda Mc Queen, Jessica Thomas, Harry Butler, Dick Dale, Anton Becker, Ross Martin, Dave Omsby, Andrew Piper, Mark Gilbert, Julie Graham, Dave Kennedy, Damien Kelly,, Dorothy Polawoski, Nathan Dale, Michael Tohl, Jay Young, Mark Lewis, Aaron Hewson, Tim Kelton, Johathon Crouch, Hew Francis, Chris Morley, AJ Morley, Tony Gray, Chris Eddey, Jodie Peterson, Anna Crouch, Rebecca Jane Lyons, Andrew Foley, How many times have I seen people tripping over themselves (and each other) to go and see the latest big thing from Melbourne or Sydney, or London or Detroit while local musicians get no respect, no loving, no audiences and no money? Adelaide has traditionally often missed out on national tours and the expense of getting here with the tyranny of distance, means often when tours do make it to Adelaide tickets are expensive and suffer as a consequence.Later she was in Operation Octopus, performed solo as Miss Appropriation and since 2005 has been a member of Meat Tray.

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