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So you have band X raving about how they were inspired by band Y. There are battle stories, a lot of memories, a lot of humour.

There is a lot of ground covered of the 30 years covered in Rock in a Hard Place.

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This film intends to acknowledge many of the much loved and well respected underground Adelaide bands from the late 70s to the present day.

We pay tribute to the DIYers who’s continuous efforts over the past 30 years to support, encourage and celebrate this particular music scene, has helped make it the rich & thriving scene it is today.

With no financial help from any funding bodies, this labour of love was put together on the smell of an oily rag, with some crowd funding support from people in the scene.

Put together over a period of almost a decade it covers a lot of ground.

Its about a generation of musicians who grew up in Adelaide South Australia and those people who embraced the "do it yourself" Attitude and were inspired as youths by the punk movement back in the late 70s.

This punk DIY ethic was often the driving force behind many teens of the times throughout the world to want to start bands, set up public radio stations, record labels and their own music fanzines.Adelaide’s dance music scene was a world leader, with it’s own promoters, magazines, artists and record labels for instance.Some of these subcultures have been recognized, and documented, the Greasy Pop era created a whole scene and a catalogue including Exploding White Mice, Lizard Train, The Dagoes, Screaming Believers and more.Suzy Ramone, Harry Butler, Doug Thomas, The guys from The Gels, The Mice, Liz Dealey, Nazz, Pete The Stud, Dave Manning, all turn up and their stories and knowledge is shared in a conversational and personal way.Making you feel you are just at the pub with the people, having a chat about this Adelaide band from years ago, or that legendary gig you both saw or played at.But Adelaide has also birthed The Clowns of Decadence, Numbskulls, Young Modern, Blood Sucking Freaks, The Accountants, Fear and Loathing, Irving & The U-Bombs, Devil’s Playground, Grong Grong, Testeagles, Green Circles, The Spell, Juliette Seizure & The Tremor Dolls, Sputniks, The Moodists, Devils Cabaret, Kamikaze, Almost Human, The Garden Path, Iron Sheiks, The Skunks, Perdition, Spikes, Meatbeaters, Toyland, Where’s The Pope?

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