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We Chat columnist He Caitou said earlier in 2017 that on average he receives 2 per article, and once received ,815 for a short piece he wrote.He Now, legacy media and self-media are converging.

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In a country where information is tightly controlled by the ruling party, a voracious demand for news catered to specific interests has given way to a boom in what directly translates as “self-media”—user-generated content created by one person and inspired by the slogan “be your own media outlet.” For the savvy influencers on China’s We Chat, who include former reporters, film critics, or other industry insiders, the financial incentives to move from traditional news outlets onto We Chat and “sell” stories are substantial.

“Once you have a following, [ad] agencies will find you and you will start to earn,” said former finance reporter turned public account writer Xu Yang.

It said that trial will soon cover the entire province and further expand across the country from January next year.

The programme’s success would mark one of the most significant milestones for We Chat after it was initially rolled out by Tencent as a mobile messaging service in 2011, and then evolved into the country’s largest social network, as well as a popular online platform for payments and money transfers.

More than 10,000 shops and restaurants in Australia are already using the We Chat Pay system and more than 2.5 million Australians are believed to own the app.

Mr Ma said the company would continue to expand."In the future we hope to use technological innovation to push forward the next developmental step of reform and opening."He said he expected technological innovation to be an important part of China's One Belt One Road initiative, as President Xi Jinping looks to expand China's trade influence.

That project with Alipay, China’s largest payments platform operator and a unit of Ant Financial Services Group, also aimed to promote the use of electronic ID card in scenarios such as hotel check-in and going through security inspection at railway stations and airports.

Wuhan’s electronic ID card programme had more than 400,000 city residents using the service tied with their Alipay accounts.

This gave rise to the first generation of self-media, which saw individuals begin to publish blogs, podcasts, and Weibo posts (China’s Twitter-like micro-blog).

However, since most were unable to grow their readership to critical sizes necessary to make a living, the activity remained a hobby.

The project is expected to help deter online identity theft, as facial recognition technology is used to verify applicants before their virtual ID cards get authorised.

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