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But somehow I got the 2nd bottle, and my relationship with XXV seems to stay there for a while.

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But she kept on coming back that I was like "What the heck". This fragrance will not only get the ladies but it smells amazing at the same time!

Long story short, she spent the entire weekend with me and every time she visits Los Angeles she would spend her time with me, and it all started with her sniffing Jubilation. Amouage Jubilation and Reflection are my top 2 of this house, and one my bests for going-out-to-the-clubs fragrances.

You pull some fresh hay out from the barn and put together some make-shift seating arrangements for a night under the stars.

You build a bonfire with dry wood and you enjoy that moment, that moment where you're with her, breathing the cool night air, with the gentle heat and resinous smoke from the fire passing over you every so often.

If you enjoy this try Memoir man or Epic man by Amouage.

رایحه : 8.5/10 پخش : 7/10 ماندگاری : 8/10 قبلا تو هوای سرد زمستانی چیزی نوشته بودم که الان کاملا باهاش مخالفم!

نگو این عطر جون میداده واسه آب و هوای معتدل نه خیلی سرد الان که هوا حدودا 12 درجه هست یه رایحه ای پیدا کرده که واقعا منو عاشق خودش کرد رایحه ای که 2 ماه پیش تو هوای منفی 4 درجه اصلا و ابدا حس نکرده بودم نمی دونم دقیقا رایحه ی چی هست ولی فوق العاده شیک و با کلاس و در عین حال دلچسبه این عطر رو تو هوای بهاری تبریز که دمای هوا بین 10 تا 20 درجه هست تست کنید این اواخر یه موضوع واسم خیلی واضح و روشن شده اونم این که تمام عطرها رو باید تو هوای مخصوص به خودش تست کرد و الا در حقش بی انصافی میشه.

به خصوص که اون عطر یه شاهکاری مثل همین عطر باشه و به همین راحتی از دست بره. نظرتون رو به احتمال زیاد جلب می کنه و اگه توان مالیتون اجازه داد احتمالا مبخریدش. Reminds me of the way my uncles house would always smell. Maybe I’d wear it if I knew I was going to be doing/going through some really horrible things that day, and I didn’t want to wear something good since it would forever have the memories tied to it What an unforgettable aroma this is so distinctive, so elegant, so rich smelling it's a brilliant combination of smokiness, blackberries and a oud type finish.

It is not a people pleaser, it MIGHT get you a compliment but overall it smells exactly as listed in the description. Jubilation is a combination of sexiness and seductiveness in a bottle!

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