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Site visitors are also invited to share their sexual wisdom. It's not necessarily cheating because it's not uncommon for older married couples to come to some kind of open or quiet don't-ask-don't-tell agreement when it's obvious that one partner is done with sex, while realizing it's not realistic to demand permanent celibacy from their partner. But, meaningful means finding a way to have loving sex without causing her pain that goes for emotional pain as well. But the theory is that a lot of people are not in good health by that age, and overly common things like smoking and obesity can kill functioning in men even at a relatively young age.

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My mom is in her 50's and she still gets her periods.

My mom's older sister had her second child around 10 years ago. She always comes within minutes then enjoys more times just to be satisfying to herself and to me.

Several studies suggest that in older adults, masturbation is common. The news media generally ignore sex in older adults. Aging changes it, gradually eliminating penis-vagina intercourse.

When they cover it, the tone is often incredulous: Whadya know? Fortunately, there are marvelously satisfying ways to enjoy sex without intercourse. Women over 40 start to experience menopausal changes: Vaginal lubrication declines. And libido and sexual self-esteem frequently decrease.

I tryed to help him but he wanted nothing to do with me or help.

At this point I should have left him, but I didn't, bad mistake.Finally, both men and women become more likely to have medical condition and take medications that have sex-impairing side effects.After 50, especially after 60, these changes intensify.I had no idea that women get dry down there when they get menopause :(.It is a good thing that women in my family get menopause in their 60's.But that finding is misleading because many elderly don't have partners.

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