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Had my periods into my 50's, Menopause lasted about a year. I'm sad that I spent many years believing I was a poor lover, when in fact my humdrum performances were caused by sexual incompatibility.So people, you don't have to have a mediocre, frustrating sex life just because your spouse wants you to. But, of course, if it works for you it might work for some others. I have average about one or two a day, and more on some days.

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I had no idea that women get dry down there when they get menopause :(.

It is a good thing that women in my family get menopause in their 60's.

But that finding is misleading because many elderly don't have partners.

Among those 75 and older who do, 46 percent of the men and 41 percent of the women said they were sexually active. So contrary to the news report, the average person's sex life end at 70.

My mom friends family aren't lucky because some of them get menopause in their early 30's. Im now meeting a new guy tomorrow, I find him very sexy and I surely hope he turns me on. I insist on that, nothing more awesome than good sex. Very soon after as I left my wife who had lost interest in having sex with me, I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of finding a lover with whom I could both talk to and have lots of uninhibited sex with. Furthermore, she enjoys sexual fantasy and never has caused me the stoppages of flowing energy that my wife caused with her silly inhibitions.

You sound like you incorrectly believe that menopause is a sex-stopping event. The statement was only that there tends to be more dryness with menopause, but it is easily solved by applying lubrication in most cases. My girlfriend is 68, I am 67, and -- few people will believe this-- we've had sexual intercourse everyday for the last six months except for the few days (9) three separate times I was away visiting relatives (for 3 days each time), and of those many many many days of sexual intercourse, we had as many as 7 bouts of intercourse (4 times), 5 bouts (about 12 times), and the usual number is 3 bouts. Energy really does "flow." And if you are inhibited, it means you are probably obstructing your partner's desires along with your own.

Men over 40 start to notice that arousal takes more time.

Erections become balky: slower to rise, less firm, and increasingly prone to wilting due to minor distractions.

Several studies suggest that in older adults, masturbation is common. The news media generally ignore sex in older adults. Aging changes it, gradually eliminating penis-vagina intercourse.

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